Lou & Herb's Infused Cocktail Cubes- The Cecile

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Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes are a new way to enjoy your happy hour. Each pack comes with 6 "cubes" to freeze then mix with alcohol for a delicious and unique cocktail. The Cecil cubes are a cucumber-watermelon margarita with clover honey & thyme.

How to use Herb & Lou Infused Cubes:

Step 1: Freeze a box of Cecile cubes
Step 2: Open a frozen cube and drop into a glass or shaker
Step 3: Pour in a shot of your favorite Tequila or Vodka (not included)
Step 4: Shake or Stir
Step 5: Sip your Cucumber-Watermelon Margarita with Clover Honey & Thyme

Made in U.S.A.

1 cube + 1 shot of alcohol (not included)
Each – 0.85 fl oz (25ml).