New York (Friends) Tea Towel

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Our tea (flour) towels are 27" X 27" square (a REALLY good size!), 130 thread count, + hemmed on all four sides. They are pre-washed to avoid shrinking and can be both washed and dried. Note: washing on high heat can lead to shrinking so we suggest cold water. They are very absorbent, breathable, can be used for cleaning, or just for decoration hanging on your stove or sink. The illustration includes original illustrations of the Fountain from the opening credits, Joey, the Geller Cup, Phoebe's Guitar, the Apartment building, Marcel, Rosita, The Chick + The Duck, Joey + Chandler's Foosball Table, Phoebe's Cab, the Magna Doodle from Joey + Chandler's apartment, the window they looked through to see the Ugly Naked Guy, Pat, the dog, Monica's Door including the Golden Peephole Frame, and Central Perk.