Orange Saffron Cardamom Marmalade- 2.5 oz

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Perfectly balanced with hints of earthy saffron and warm cardamom. Pairs with hard cheeses, Middle Eastern dishes, vegetables, halibut, ham, pork chops. Ingredients: water, organic cane sugar, oranges, lemons, sea salt, cardamom, saffron.

Eat This Yum was started by Gino De Schrijver, a chef of 35 years, who developed a line of savory and sweet culinary preserves to pair with every course of a meal. Unexpected herbs blend with fruits to yield complex, well balanced flavors. Gino partnered with the Delaware Valley Volunteer Firehouse to turn it into a full production facility in exchange for a share of Firehouse Jam's gross revenue. The surrounding farms inspire many of their jams. They preserve with 100% certified organic cane sugar and lemons.