If you’re anything like me, you love peeking into the lives of other people homes. It’s part curiosity (nosiness?) and part a desire to be inspired by others’ ideas.

I just love our home, and the history of it. It was built in 1897, and as you can imagine has seen many families call it home throughout the years. my shop is actually next door to our home, which makes juggling motherhood and my career a tad bit easier (though it's never easy). I’ve had several former owners of our home reach out to me after finding the shop online, and they have shared pictures and stories with me about their time growing up.

Here’s a shot that a sweet woman shared with me of our home from the 1950’s. You can see the shop before it was Bonboni on the left side of the picture behind the house. It looks like the garage hadn’t yet been built. The exterior looks very similar, except our sycamore tree sure is a lot taller now!

Here’s a glimpse into my home. We’ll start with the living room.

Most of my furniture is vintage or thrifted. I don’t think I have more than 2-3 pieces of furniture in our house that we’ve bought brand new! I’m always on the hunt for new pieces, and furniture gets moved around often. The beautiful wooden staircase is one of my favorite features. They certainly don’t make houses today like they did 123 years ago.

The dining area is open to the kitchen. Our island has a bar. One thing that I would like to change in our home is making the island all one height. The bar is so high for the kids that it doesn’t get used much.

Last but not least, we have a tiny powder room off of the living room. It has the World’s Tiniest Sink™(I’m guessing). I found this roll of wallpaper on clearance at Anthropologie last year, and snapped it up in a hot second, and figured for $20, I could definitely learn how to install it. (I did!) I thought I was going to have enough wallpaper to finish this room, but I ran out and have one wall left.

After lots of phone calls and emails, turns out I bought the literal last roll of this pattern ever made. Cue deep sadness. I check eBay occasionally to look for an extra roll, but so far no luck. If anyone happens to see a roll of Sketched Ikat wallpaper from Antrho, please let me know!

Read on to Part 2 of my Home Tour.

August 01, 2020 — Lauren Thorp

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