Holalola Soap

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Handmade goat milk soap with delightful illustrations by Costa Rican illustrator Priscilla Aguirre. Her illustrations capture the magic in her jungle filled country, and her love of traveling there and beyond.

Mermaid soap: Takes care of your tail and keeps marine beasts away. (Coconut and honey)

Niguenta Soap [Yellow with Woman]: Lucky Costa Rican charm doll. Brings money and good fortune, (Cinnamon)

OM Sloth Soap: Zen spirit from Costa Rican wisest sloth bears. (Lavender)

"Soap for very handsome men" [Blue with Strongman]: Washes away dirt, not the handsomeness. (Tea tree oil)

Bear Hugs: full of love (Chocolate)

Picture Perfect [Pink with camera]: So you always turn out beautiful in pictures (Lemongrass)