Scrollino® Amazing Christmas- The Revolutionary Rewinding Book


An Advent Calendar Maze for kids and the whole family. Perfect for Christmas time! No chocolate included – but the fun is guaranteed, plus no need to go to the dentist afterward. Experience the Scrollino® concept in the endless-like labyrinth game over 2 yards long. Wind your way through the maze every day until Christmas!

The Scrollino brand focuses on creating and producing its own unique invention - Scrollino® the revolutionary rewinding book. Interactive, Fun and Eco-friendly!

NATURAL COMPOSITION: Scrollino are made with sustainable and recyclable materials of organic origin. The rewinding system is produced with 100% compostable Biofibra material.

ZERO WASTE: Their state of mind on design and manufacture forces us to minimize waste as much as possible. Each production step is optimized according to the raw material used.

RECYCLED MATERIALS: The choice to have raw material suppliers labeled FSC, ECF, PEFC, and ETV allows Scrollino to have an ecological and responsible product.