Spike the Punch- Cocktail Infusion Kit

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No shame in spiking your mom’s punch bowl with this merry trio of tart cranberry, mellow pear, and toasted rosemary - it will make anyone’s spirits bright. A perfect pair for nearly everything on your bar cart, this is a boozy gift that will keep on giving. Each alcohol infusion kit includes a 16 oz. glass jar, pre-measured ingredients, a custom filtering pour spout, infusion instructions and a cocktail recipe!

Step 1: Empty ingredients into the jar, fill with your favorite spirit and seal. 

Step 2: Let your infusion soak up delicious flavors for at least three days.

Step 3: Pour (on the rocks or in a cocktail) and enjoy! 

Ingredients: Dehydrated cranberry, dehydrated pear, dried rosemary 

Recommended Spirits: gin, rum