Gazebo Terrarium

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The Gazebo terrarium's hexagonal shape is unique in our line. This terrarium features an 8-point pyramid roof design, and an 8-panel repeating triangle line design. If you are looking for a centerpiece or something for your kitchen table, the Gazebo's versatile size and shape may be the right fit for your home.  Plants not included.

8.5"L x 8.5W x 15"H (with 3"H wood base)

Terrarium's require less watering than traditional houseplants. During the daylight condensation will form on the glass, then in the evening as the glass cools, the moisture witll return to the soil. Each of our terrariums are handcrafted from reclaimed glass using traditional stained glass techniques. We hand cut and then wrap each piece of glass in copper foil, they are then soldered by hand and patina is applied.  All terrariums include a fitted plastic liner.